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La Sportiva SpA, in collaboration with ASD SKYLAKES, SSD TREMALZO, ASD FRIENDS OF FRACISCIO, AS PREMANA and US Cornacci Tesero, organizes the 8th edition of the Circuit “La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup”.


9 June LEDRO SKYRACE – Ledro (TN)
June 23 SKYLAKES – Lakes (VI)
July 28th GIIR DI MONT – Premana (LC)
September 8 LATEMAR MOUNTAIN RACE – Tesero (TN)


To compete in the circuit it is necessary to conclude and be classified (official ranking of each single stage) to at least 3 races. Score for each stage: 110 points for the 1st classified, 88 points for the 2nd classified, 78 points for the 3rd classified, 72 points for the 4th classified, 68 points for the 5th classified; from the 6th to the 37th to climb 2 points, from the 38th to the end of the classification, 2 points.

The ranking will be made available by consulting the official website of the circuit www.mountainrunningcup.com. In the case of participation in all 5 races, the best 3 results will be considered at the end of the final classification. Bonus points are awarded (+20 points) for participation in each race beyond those required to enter the classification. In case of a tie between two or more athletes in the final classification, priority will be given to the younger skyrunner.

FINISHER participation gadget: to all those who have completed 3 tests.

Absolute Feminine: 1 ^ 1.300,00 €, 2 ^ 900,00 €, 3 ^ 600,00 €, 4 ^ 400,00 €, 5 ^ 300,00 €; sponsor sponsor circuit up to 10th. Men’s Absolute: € 1,300.00, € 900.00, € 600.00, € 400.00, € 300.00; sponsor circuit awards up to the 20th.

The award ceremony of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup will be held on the occasion of the final, Latemar Mountain Race, on September 8, 2019. Prizes will be distributed only to those present.

Each participant expressly waives to advance image right during, before and after each trial of the circuit. Each participant in the La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup circuit accepts and undertakes to comply with the regulations indicated here and that of the individual events that make up the circuit. Breaking the single regulation involves the automatic exclusion of the athlete from the final classification of the circuit.
For any other matter, the regulation of the reference federation applies.