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A discount on accommodation at all the listed Hotels and B&B’s is available to all competitors, upon booking use the reference SKYLAKES 2018.

The hotel/B&B have the right to check if you’re competing in the race by checking your name on the list given by the organisers.

It is possible to park your motor home. For more information about booking and cost please email info@skylakes.it

Affiliated facilities

Accoglienza Skylakes

Albergo Ristorante Irma

Via Crosara, 1, 36011 Arsiero (VI)
Tel. 0445 714233
e-mail: info@ristoranteirma.it

Accoglienza Skylakes

Albergo Ristorante Al Garibaldino

Via Sareo, 5, 36010 Posina (VI)
Tel. 0445 748023
e-mail: info@garibaldino.com

Accoglienza Skylakes

Italia Ristora

Piazza F. Rossi, 20, 36011 Arsiero (VI)
Tel. 0445 740345
e-mail: italia.risorta@virgilio.it

Accoglienza Skylakes

Rifugio Passo Xomo

Via passo Xomo, 1, 36010 Posina (VI)
Tel. 345 2113014
e-mail: dpierantoni@gmail.com

Accoglienza Skylakes

Locanda “Da Gek”

Via Monte Maggio, 6, 36011 Castana di Arsiero (VI)
Tel. 0445 714177
e-mail: ristorantedagek@msn.com

Accoglienza Skylakes

La Vigneta

Via Dei Longhi, 17, 36011 Arsiero (VI)
Tel. 0445 714263
e-mail: lavigneta@libero.it

Accoglienza Skylakes

Giorgio & Flora

Via Baldonò, 1, 36010 Velo d’Astico (VI)
Tel. 0445 713061
e-mail: info@giorgioeflora.it