Skylakes 2015 – edizione 0

Skylakes story 2015
  • 15th of June 2015: We made a corporate video to show the local Traditions of the area. We first recommended the run as a healthy way to experience the incredible landscape.

  • 10th of July 2015: We published our website online and created our Facebook page.

  • 12nd of July 2015: During the “Marcia del Ciclamino”, we put a stand in the middle of town, we noticed an increasing number of people taking part at the 15th edition of the march, and a high interest towards the following event.
    Pictured below are the staff of SKYLAKES.

  • 11th of October 2015: the SKYLAKES committee decided it was important to organise a promotional day, taking 130 people to explore the competition trails. This event gave us the chance to have an initial feedback from the general public and gave us a solid foundation to organise the event, getting the sponsors involved and testing the race officials.