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See you on June 24, 2018 in Laghi, to cheer the athletes who will take part in the third edition of Skylakes.

What is Skylakes Coaching?

The project, conceived by ASD Skylakes, aims to raise awareness among enthusiasts in the issues of nutrition, injury prevention and athletic training. Advanced athletes and newcomers have the opportunity to confront with a team of experts.

The goal is not only to improve athletic performance in the race but to achieve a 360 ° psycho-physical well-being.

What’s the Coaching?

Having a coach allows an athlete to increase their personal development and focus on a better strategy to achieve their goal.
The “coaching” is a partnership between the athlete and coach, using a creative process to stimulate reflection and helps the athlete to reach their maximum potential.
Thanks to the coach’s involvement, the athletes can learn and process the techniques and the action strategy that allows them to increase their performance and the quality of their life.

The Coaches

Coach Skylakes coaching

Marco Facci

Fitness Trainer

PhD in Scienze delle Attività Motorie e Sportive at University of Verona.
Technical Assistant for the Triathlon and Swimming Italian Federation, PTI and founder of the Athletic Trainer project.

“ I decided to take part at the SKYLAKES Coaching to support and give good advise to Athletes for their personal growth. I’m available for anyone who wants to reach their highest level, and is willing to train properly, therefore increasing their athletic performance, whilst preventing injuries and having fun”.

Coach Skylakes coaching

Giacomo Cortiana

Osteopathy and Prevention

University degree in Osteopathy and European French School of Osteopathy (Lion, France)
I have been practicing since 2010

“ Osteopathy is closely connected to sport because it helps to reduce injuries, increasing the performance and allowing a faster recovery. I decided to be part of this project to use my skills to help people that want to achieve concrete targets”

Coach Skylakes coaching

Paolo Marchesan

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition and Wellness coach with over 20 years of experience, specialised in Naturopathy and Sport Nutrition. He received his diploma a the college of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK.

“I decided to take part in the Skylakes project because I realised that more and more athletes understand how much nutrition influences their performance and recovery as well as their general wellness. I’m ready to give you all the advice you need to get the optimum nutrition and timing in order to achieve your goals.”

What’s the coach job?

The coach’s main responsibilities are:
– make it easier for the athletes to understand what goal they want to achieve
– he will assist the athletes discover their personal goal
– he will make it possible for the athlete to find the best strategy and the solution for themselves.
– To leave the freedom and responsibility to the athlete

With coaching it is possible to define “where the athlete is today”, which is the starting point, and it will establish what the athlete is willing to do to reach “tomorrow’s goal” by determining the performance indicator.
Generally, the coaching processes starts with a one-to-one interview to determinate the athletes goals and personal challenges, to establish the purpose of the relationship, and to determine the priorities for action and establish the final result that the athlete wants to achieve.
The lifespan of the athlete-coach relationship may vary depending on the athlete’s personal or team demands. The events which may affect the lifespan of the relationship are: the kind of results that the athlete wants to achieve, how the athlete or the team like to work, the frequency of the meetings

Who is eligible for the coaching program?

The client can be a single person or a team that wants to achieve a higher level of performance, learning and satisfaction.

Reasons why a person or a team will choose to work with a coach

There is something at stake, a challenge, a prolonged target or a great opportunity, which is urgent, important, exciting, or all these things together;
There is the desire to achieve the results faster;
There is no balance between work and private life and this generates unintended consequences;
The person hasn’t identified his own capability or doesn’t know how to use it properly;
There is the desire and the urge to be better organised and knowing how to handle things better.


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